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techfornontechies's podcast

Jun 19, 2024

AI is a hot topic right now.

The day that this episode comes out Nvidia, has surpassed Microsoft and Apple to become the most valuable publicly listed company in the world.

But, when a technology receives this much hype, sensible people start losing their minds and placing it on a pedestal.

This is why, learning how to...

Aug 22, 2023

How is generative AI different from standard AI? How can you tell lasting innovation from the hype? 

Listen to this episode to find out. You will learn from Jamie Cattell, Global Managing Partner, Enterprise Strategy at IBM Consulting. Before joining IMB, Jamie was a partner at McKinsey where he led McKinsey Digital.


Jul 5, 2023

Listen to this Office Hours session with Sophia Matveeva MBA. Questions covered in this episode:

  • Should I do an MBA or a Computer Science degree?
  • What's the difference between Product Management roles in deep tech vs standard businesses?
  • What tech trends are the ones to watch right now?
  • How do you transition into tech...