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techfornontechies's podcast

Feb 28, 2024

There are plenty of articles about digital transformation.

But big change can only be successful if the individuals in the organisation are also enthusiastic and knowledgeable about it.

Structural change without individual change does not work.

In this episode, you will learn how asset management CEO 

Feb 21, 2024

Large Language Models and Generative AI are going to have the biggest impact on word heavy industries.

This means that the legal industry is on the brink of major changes. This will affect how lawyers work, what clients expect and the future profits of the industry.

In this episode, you will learn from Damien Riehl:...

Feb 14, 2024

Hype about generative AI is everywhere, but much simpler AI models have already changed entire industries. 

By learning about how AI has already changed business, we can make predictions about what's next.

In this episode you will learn key lessons from Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms...

Feb 7, 2024

10 years ago Silicon Valley venture capitalist Aileen Lee coined the term "unicorn" to describe a young company valued at over $1 billion. 

Back in 2013, there were just 39 unicorns in the US, and Lee's team researched what they did and who ran them. This list informed much of how we thought of successful tech...