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techfornontechies's podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:


The no code movement is the idea that you can build a digital product using existing tools, which you assemble together without writing any of your own code. It includes everything from website and app builders like Bubble, to tools that automate e-commerce processes and marketing,...

Mar 24, 2021

Learning notes:

The tech CEO's job is to work with other people who have different skills to reach a clear business aim. It is not to supervise everything or do everything themselves. 

You can use technology and data to answer all sorts of business questions, such as:

  • Where shall we drill for oil?
  • Should we make more...

Mar 17, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:

Beri’s first hire was a designer, not a developer. He found her through via a recommendation. This is the best way to hire product talent.

Beri has never had a technical co-founder, like most of the successful non-technical founders we’ve had on TFNT.

Many people get put off...

Mar 10, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:

  • The server is like a brain: it is a processing organ. But, just as a brain needs sensory organs to give and receive information in the form of a mouth, eyes and ears, so does a server. The server's sensory organs are the APIs.
  • APIs are snippets of code that let you borrow another...

Mar 3, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:

A product is a solution to a people problem. Before even contacting a product team, take time to investigate the people and the problem.

Marketers and designers go through a very similar process to validate the user problem at the start. This is because both are very user focussed.