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techfornontechies's podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:


  • While there are more apps on the Google Play store, Apple apps account for 70% of all revenue generated on Apple and Google combined.
  • Apple users are wealthier than Android users. The median iPhone app user earns $85,000 per year, which is 40% more than the median Android phone...

Feb 17, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:

  • An algorithm is just a set of instructions that you put into a computer.
  • JS created a prototype of his algorithm using a spreadsheet. The aim of his algorithm was to give out loans to customers. He bought lending data from the Lending Club and tested it against a control group. This...

Feb 10, 2021

Learning notes from this episode:


  • A product is a solution to a people problem
  • Companies that are successful over a long period of time understand the problem and make new solutions for it
  • A company is also a product, which can be a solution experienced by people at a company. This is important to remember for...

Feb 3, 2021

Key learning notes from this episode:

  • Developers write computer code to make the design come alive. The vast majority of apps will need to have a front end and a back end.
  • Front end developers create computers that interact with humans. If you can see it, touch it or speak to it, it is a front end. 

  • Back end...